StandUP Wireless is a government supported wireless service provided by Global Connection Inc. of America. StandUP Wireless operates under the authority of your state Public Utility Commission to offer discounted wireless service to qualified, low-income consumers. To qualify for discounted service under the StandUP Wireless Lifeline Program, you must meet eligibility requirements specific for each state.

StandUP Wireless’ mission is simple: to make cell phone service available for everyone, regardless of your ability to pay. As a StandUP Wireless Lifeline customer, you will receive free wireless service each month. Access to wireless is critical to improving the quality of your life. Whether used for emergencies, to keep in touch with your family, or to assist in your employment, wireless service is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. And StandUP Wireless is here for you.

StandUP Wireless Lifeline service is part of the Lifeline Assistance America program, funded by the Universal Service Fund which was created to ensure that quality telecommunications services are available to low-income consumers at just, reasonable and affordable rates. The Universal Service Fund is not paid by US taxpayers. Instead, the Universal Service Fund is funded from contributions by telecommunications carriers collected in part from the Universal Service Charge applicable to all forms of interstate telecommunications services.

StandUP Wireless is able to offer free or discounted wireless service to our eligible customers because we receive a portion of our customary charges from the Universal Service Fund. StandUP Wireless must be approved by each state’s Public Utility Commission and we are working with many states to expand the availability of our service.

StandUP Wireless customers have access to an all digital, nationwide network and all our plans include popular features including Nationwide Long Distance, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice mail. Our customers enjoy the quality of service of a national carrier at a fraction of the cost.

StandUP Wireless also provides service for customers who are not eligible for Lifeline. To see the plans available for your area, click here.

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Thank you for Standing Up!